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Materials & Finishes Available

As a leader in the Southern Alberta machining, threading and bending industry, Bonnybrook Bolt Manufacturing Corporation offers the material and finishing options needed for your application. We take pride in our ability to meet your exact specifications. Check out the materials, accessories and finishing options we have available and give us a call to discuss your project. If you are ready to order, we encourage you to use our online form.

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Materials We Use

  • Mild steel / A36 / 44W round bar
  • 304-316 stainless steel round bar
  • 4140 HT round bar
  • 4140 ANN round bar
  • 1018 CR round bar
  • Rebar
  • A307 mild steel
  • B7 (high-strength steel)

Finishes Available

  • Heat treatment
  • Plating
  • Galvanizing
  • Dichromate

Accessories Available

  • Washers
  • Wilson sleeves
  • Nuts
  • Turn buckles
  • Regular washers
  • Hard washers
  • Galvanized washers
  • Lock washers
  • Zinc washers
  • Regular nuts
  • 2H nuts
  • Jam nuts
  • Zinc plated nuts
  • Heavy nuts
  • Lock nuts
  • Galvanized nuts

Sizes Available

  • 3/16” to 2 1/4”
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